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Escape character for page break?

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  • Escape character for page break?

    Another question...(I'm full of 'em!)
    I am saving entries to a value in a ini file. These entrys are not on a single line. It saves to the ini fine, but when I get that value again, it will only get everything from the first line.
    These values look something like this...
    January 29 2003

    Dear Diary

    Whatever the user typed in the edit field on the previous page

    So, if I get this value, it would only return the first line, which is the date.

    I looked in the help, and it mentions escaping characters for quotation marks and backslashes, but what about page breaks?

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    Re: Escape character for page break?

    The ASCII value for a page break character is 12.

    The usual escape sequence would be either \p or \f (I forget which [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]), but I'm not sure if AutoPlay supports that escape sequence (try it and see). If not, then use the alternative method, which should work:

    Create a design-time constant, call it #ASC_PAGEBREAK#.

    Give it this value: 12

    Then, wherever you want a page break, write #ASC_PAGEBREAK#.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: Escape character for page break?

      Sounds good. I am not creating the text that is stored in the ini file, the user will be. With either of these methods, would I do a string replace action, and if so, what would I replace what with what? I tried the two ideas you had, but I did not notice any change in the end result. I'm guessing it(replace action) didn't do anything because it didn't find what I told it to find. I attempted to do a replace
      , which might not be right. I am pretty sure that the problem is that autoplay wants all of the info. stored in the valuename to be all on one line. A new line starts a new valuename I guess. Am I on the right track?


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        Re: Escape character for page break?

        Page break characters won't have any effect unless the file is viewed in a text viewer that interprets them. (I think the DOS MORE command might have, but I don't remember for sure.)

        INI files generally don't have any page breaks in them; they aren't really meant to have any formatting at all, they're just for storing data.

        is an HTML tag, it won't have any effect in an INI file.

        In short: you sound confused. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

        I think you need to do some reading on what INI files are, and determine what kind of data you're actually working with. Your google search begins: now.
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]