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Passing Images To The Flash Scroll Window

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  • Passing Images To The Flash Scroll Window

    I am new to this and was evaluating a copy of AutoPlay. I am having trouble getting the program to pass images to the scroll window. Basically what I want to do is use the default buttons on the side, once those are clicked, images and text will be displayed in the flash scroll window which may or may not be links themselves.

    Can this be done and how?

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    Re: Passing Images To The Flash Scroll Window

    Yep. Setup your flash just as you normally would to do that, i.e. Fscrollpane in main movie and then several content .swfs to be loaded when the buttons are clicked and then set it up so that your AMS buttons send certain variables to your main .swf which cause it to LoadMovie with the appropriate .swf for each corresponding button...

    Do you know how to do this in pure flash? i.e. using buttons to load Fscrollpane content?

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software