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Flash progress bar for Mediaplayer object

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  • Flash progress bar for Mediaplayer object

    Hi all,

    I tried to follow Corey's post (;Main=16324) about a flash progress bar

    I made a small flash file with a motion tween of 100 frames growing from left to right.

    I added this flash file to a very basic AMS project, just containing a media player object, control buttons and the progress bar flashfile.

    The obvious thing I'd like to see, is that the progressbar follows any videofile loaded, and reaches 100% full at the end of the videofile. On pause, it is supposed to pause, and on rewind, its supposed to go back to the start. (Jup, thats a progress bar...)

    I thought I could upload small projects in this section of the forum, but I think I was wrong. I someone wants to see the project, I can email it.

    Any help, more than appreciated.

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    Re: Flash progress bar for Mediaplayer object

    Actually that thread was in relation to a song. That's easy to do with MP3s, but you cannot do it with the Media Player object currently because it doesn't have "progress" under it's Get Property options. Maybe in a future version, try suggesting it in the suggestions forum...

    BTW when I use a media player object I just always use the tracker bar for that purpose anyway... People are familiar with it so it's a good way to offer them visual info.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software