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I need help about my MP3 player....

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  • I need help about my MP3 player....

    I want to include these features written below:

    1) Volume and Balance Control.
    2) Elapsed time of current playing song.
    3) Progress Bar for current playing song.
    4) Rand Play from songs list (songs list is in a list box)
    5) In list, file name sould be including time of song file.
    6) I want to register my MP3 player as default MP3 player on windows platform.
    7) I want to change icons of MP3 files (after making my MP3 player default) with the same Icon having my MP3 player.
    8) Being a default MP3 player it (my MP3 Player) should launch and start playing the file (song) automatically (just like windows media player does).

    I know some of these are registry tricks but don't know how to do it.

    Please help me to include these features in my MP3 player.

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    Re: I need help about my MP3 player....

    OK sounds cool, we can help, so which part(s) have you gotten done or started working on so far?

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: I need help about my MP3 player....

      Thanx Corey for replying.
      Actually I was indisposed that's why I couldn't reply earlier.
      Well about my project I've done the basic thing (whatever APMS can do with it's inbuilt capacity) and I really want to include those features mentioned in my Project Assistance make my player stunning (these features are left to include).But can't do without any help. Please help me in building my own MP3 Player. As soon as you can...


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        Re: I need help about my MP3 player....

        For volume control, you can use this DLL to increase/decrease and mute. Sorry, no balance control in it though. There is a sample app. The app doesn't play any sound/music, but if you open your volume control/mixer, you'll see that the DLL does work.