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    I am new to this but am trying to put a Power Point presentation into autorun CD. I have used the help material and can indeed get the powerpoint program to open to the correct presentation, but is there a way that the Powerpoint can automatically run. The way it is now the user has to start the presentation, which is fine if they know how, but not all my users will. I just want them to be able to click on the autorun CD button and go right into the presentation and then be able to get back to the CD after the presentation is over. Is this possible, if yes. how? Thanks

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    I assume that you have already consulted the following Knowledge Base article:

    click here

    In your Execute File action you could also check the "Wait for program to finish running before continuing" option to maintain control on the presentation rather than your AutoPlay application.

    As far as the presentation starting automatically, I believe that will need to be set in the creation of the presentation itself, or maybe it can be controlled by a command line option. Some other PowerPoint experts may be able to provide further information. You can certainly have the execution of it occur automatically opposed to the user clicking on a button. For example you could place your Execute File action on the "On Show" event of a screen, or "On Initialize" event of the project.

    As far as the presentation closing, I also believe that would need to be done within the presentation itself because even though you can close another application from AutoPlay, there is no way to know when it is finished.

    Hope that helps.