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  • Hide, Seek, and Hover

    I am having difficulties understanding protocal. Per my attached zip with various screen captures, I am trying to have my project load with a graphic called aboutustext. Then, once a person hovers over anything else, that disappears. Then, I have tried to have various graphic buttons show a image file...but, no matter what I do, the file does not show up or at the wrong time.

    Thanks in advance...

    BTW...I cannot upload the whole project cuz it would be about 300 megs with the existing image folders as part of the project.

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    Re: Hide, Seek, and Hover

    Also, I get an error message saying the object could not be hidden because it was not found...???????????


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      Re: Hide, Seek, and Hover

      Don't mix up the IsVisible query command with the commands to show and hide objects (including images). In fact, there's probably no need in your project to employ IsVisible at all, unless you need to store the result for implementation at some other point on some other page.

      The IsVisible and Page.HideObject/Page.ShowObject commands are not synonymous.

      Also, you can avoid error messages by turning them off under User Notification for On Error for each offending action. Remember that AMS can't hide something that has already been hidden. It gets grumpy when you try.

      Remember also, that showing images will only work if they have loaded for the page. That means you will need to have them hidden first (either through On Initialize or by some other event). AMS won't show an image that hasn't been hidden.

      It sounds like using the On Mouse Over and On Mouse Leave events coupled with appropriate Page.HideObject and Page.ShowObject commands are just what the doctor ordered here.
      Eric Darling
      eThree Media


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        Re: Hide, Seek, and Hover

        Thanks Eric for your reply...

        I deleted all my commands and such and started again.

        And, it will still not pop up an image...

        Any other ideas?




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          Re: Hide, Seek, and Hover

          I created a new project...had the same this buggy?


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            Re: Hide, Seek, and Hover

            Don't use IsVisible. Use Page.ShowObject instead.

            You'll need to place the image where you want it on the page first, then specify that OnInitialize for the page should hide the image (Page.HideObject). Then, use Page.ShowObject on the event you want to trigger the image to appear with (for instance, the Mouse Over event for another image). You can have the same event trigger multiple actions. So, you can simultaneously hide one object while revealing another. Then, by a cunning use of On Mouse Leave, reverse the actions.

            HTH. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
            Eric Darling
            eThree Media


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              ERIC...U DA MAN!

              I cannot hold dapaws any longer...thanks for being a night owl and helping me out with this.....Now I can get some sleep 2night [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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                Re: ERIC...U DA MAN!

                Glad to hear that, Iceman. Get some rest. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
                Eric Darling
                eThree Media


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                  Card Game?

                  Greetings, everyone

                  In apms4, I am trying to create an app that would include a concentration style card game.

                  i would like to make the first to cards (images) hide (to reveal the card behind it) when clicked and if they don't match refresh the two chosen cards.

                  that's one part of the equation, the other challenge is to have the top images of the two matching cards stay hidden; until all are matched

                  is this even possiblein apms...if not are there any other softwares that i should try



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                    Sure you should be able to make a Concentration type game in AMS4. Here I threw ine together for you.
                    Notice that each card is made up of two pictures, a front, and a back.
                    The code for this is in the actions of the card ‘backs’.

                    Also notice the code is almost the same for each of the backs. The only difference between them are the values for %Card% and for %Back%
                    %Card% gives a value for the card i.e 2H = Two of Hearts
                    This variable is used to compare if the two cards match.

                    %Back% is a variable to help keep track of which ‘backs’ are hidden. Notice that this variable corresponds with the name of the Picture Object of that particular ‘back of card’.

                    The only other code, is on Page Show, and it sets the Variable %Turn% to zero (0).

                    Give it a go.
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