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  • Cut and Paste graphics

    I am trying to cut and paste graphics from Powerpoint and cannot manage this. Anyone got ideas on this ??

    When I create graphics in Paint Shop Pro, all seems well till I scale the picture in Autoplay. At this point, the graphic becomes 'fuzzy' round the edges and looks terrible. Have tried several different file types but all end up looking un-professional...any help on this one as well would be appreciated.


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    Re: Cut and Paste graphics

    Hey Denison-
    The ole saying goes “If you start with poop you end up with poop!” I’ll assume you’re trying to expand the graphics you have found, right? If you start out with low res. pics and try to “expand” them, they’ll only get more pixelated. Try starting out with a graphic that’s larger that better fits your project. Also, try not to resize your graphics within AMS, that can lead to slowing down the speed of your end product.


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      Re: Cut and Paste graphics

      It seems not possible to paste an image in APMS.
      Because of the function to copy the file in the distribution folder. Just save the copied image op disk, then load it in APMS.

      What version of Paint shop Pro do you use?
      Could it have something to do with the layers?
      I've seen images with edges as blocks comming from PSP before after a partial cut from an image.
      There must be an option in PSP.

      programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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        Re: Cut and Paste graphics

        Size your images before you put them in AMS. If they look good coming in they'll look good coming out.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software