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Multiple Transparent Pages And Major Lagg.

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  • Multiple Transparent Pages And Major Lagg.

    I'm Making A Virtual Interface For An Emulator Which Switches Between Multiple Transparent Pages For Each Software Package. I've Run Into A Major Lagg Problem When Ever I Click A Button To Jump To Any Other Page. It Takes Around 5-10sec For the "Mouse Over" Buttons And Page To Kick In,.. And You Can Hear Clicking Sounds As If The Interface Is Switching Between Pages. Can I Get Some Assistance To Remedy This Issue?
    I Have A Demo I Can Send To Anyone Who Wishes To Help Solve The Problem.

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    Re: Multiple Transparent Pages And Major Lagg.

    Send Your Demo To [email protected]

    It Sounds Like Your Computer Is Suffering From Capitalization Overload. This Is A Rare But Serious Condition That Is Caused By A Damaged Shift Key. As I'm Sure You Are Aware, Caring For The Shift Key Is An Important Part Of Keeping Your Computer In Good Working Condition. If The Shift Key Becomes Over Loaded It Can Lead To Many Different Problems, Some Of Them Quite Serious. In The Most Severe Cases, Rampant Clicking Has Been Known To Occur.

    As For Your Problem With Major Lagg, I Have Never Been In The Military But I Have A Friend In The Forces And He Agrees That Lagg Really Sucks.

    I Think You Might Want To Check Whether The Images You Are Using Are Too Large, If You Scanned The Images Yourself But Did Not Resize Them And Did Not Save Them To An Efficient Image Format Like JPG Or PNG Your Computer Might Be Having Problems Loading And Displaying Them Quickly, Especially If It Has To Load Them From A CD Which Is Slow.

    When The Computer Is Clicking Try Holding Your Ear Next To It And See If You Can Figure Out Where The Sound Is Coming From, Is It Coming From The CD-ROM Drive Or The Hard Drive Or Your Computer Speakers Or Did A Cricket Get Sucked Into The Case? By The Way, Be Careful Not To Get Your Ear Chopped Off By The Case Fans And Please Do Not Electrocute Yourself, Although That Has Been Known To Solve Capitalization Overload In The Past.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]