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  • Hotspot concern

    Hey there!

    I just have a question concerning hotspots.
    I just can't put a hotspot on a Flash or movie object. Well, I can put it on there but once I preview it it won't work. Looks like it it beneath the object, and the "send to front"-option doesn't work. Why do Hotspots don't work on flash and movie objects?? (maybe they do, just want to find out now :-))

    On textobjects they work fine, no problem there.

    I would really appreciate your help !!

    greetings from Germany

    Dr Zoidberg

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    Re: Hotspot concern

    Most objects will NOT stay on top of the Web Browser Object, Media Player Object, and the Flash Player Object. Your best bet is to set up a FSCommand in your Flash movie to perform the needed actions.


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      Re: Hotspot concern

      Hey Worm,

      thx for your quick answer. But which command should I set in flash? And will this make it possible to place hotspots over the flash movie?

      thx in advance


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        Re: Hotspot concern

        No, you cannot put a hotspot over a Flash Object. Well you can, but it won't work [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

        You need to set a FSCommand in your Flash movie, and use the Flash Objects On FSCommand Event, then do

        %Property% = FlashObject[Flash1].GetProperty ("Last FSCommand")

        in that event to find out what FSCommand was sent to the AMS app.


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          Re: Hotspot concern

          Ohh, too bad it won't work :-(

          Okay, just try it with the settings you just gave me.