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    hi everyone, hope someone can help me because im very new to this program, and this may be very easy to do, but i dont know how:

    i have a magazine cd with pics and videos, and when you click the button for them, in the same window, it opens a kind of folder tree view like the one in windows explorer, and in this folder tree view, you can select a file, double clik and open.
    i would like to do the same, but no idea how.
    any ideas?

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    Re: browse window

    No tree view like you want within AMS4. You could, however, use:

    <font color=green>File.Execute ("%WinDir%\explorer.exe", "/e, %SrcDir%")</font color=green> ... etc

    this would give you explorer tree view and the folder you want [change %SrcDir%, perhaps].

    Alternatively, maybe you could make a flash version and embed that, or no doubt there's a javascript version out there you could put into IE .... mmm!
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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      Re: browse window

      hey, thanks...ill try the javascritp option


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        Re: browse window

        well, i found a javascript that give me the tree view, but i have another question, maybe someone can help me.

        i have the tree view, with folders and all, but when i link to an image, it open in a new browser window, if its a video or a music file, a message apear saying that im downloading a file, and asks if i want to open or save it....

        anyone know a javascript or html code to make the files open directly in the program they use, for example video or mp3's in windows media, etc?

        any help would be apreciated, i know this isnt a question exactly of APMS, but i have no idea how to do this.


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          Re: browse window

          In your Treeview script, instead of linking to the file, use a bookmark within the same page. Then in the WebBrowser Object, use the On Navigate Complete to get the URL, grab the BookMark to see which file you should be loading.


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            Re: browse window

            Hi bufoncosmico
            Is it possiable for you to sent my the link to the Java Script explorer thingy.

            BaZZa400 (remove the space)