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Videos in sequence???

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  • Videos in sequence???

    Hello! My question, How I can make a list box plays the videos in sequence?
    Looking for the examples in AMS found this:

    %Property% = ListBoxObject[List Box Example].GetProperty ("Item Count")
    %SelectedIndex% = ListBoxObject[List Box Example].GetSelected
    %SelectedCount% = String.CountDelimitedStrings ("%SelectedIndex%", ";;")
    IF (%SelectedIndex% = 0)
    MediaPlayerObject[MediaPlayer1].Load ("%SrcDir%\Video1.mpeg")
    END IF
    IF (%SelectedIndex% = 1)
    MediaPlayerObject[MediaPlayer1].Load ("%SrcDir%\Video2.mpeg")
    END IF
    it works well!!!

    But How I can select anyone wait finish and play the next?
    Hope somebody can help me.
    Excuse my English but I don't speak well

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    Re: Videos in sequence???

    You need to use the Media Player Object's On End Of Stream event to increment the %SelectedIndex% by one, then check to see if it is greater than your ListCount. If it's not, then you can get the listbox info by using the incremented index, and intiate the play.

    Kind of a generic answer, but if you need more, say so and I will post an example, or somoeone else might already have something along this line.


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      Re: Videos in sequence???

      Thank you for the quick answer
      Could you show me exmple ???
      Please !!!!!!!


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        Re: Videos in sequence???

        Here ya go


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          Re: Videos in sequence???

          It work well !!!!!!

          And thank you for your time !!!!!!!!!!!!


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            Re: Videos in sequence???

            You're welcome.

            Have Fun!