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    I am working on a kiosk and I need it to reset itself to the language select page when the screensaver comes up after several minuites of inactivity.

    I searched the help file but I see nothing on "Window Focus", I thought maybe I could get some control from that sort of command.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: Window Focus

    You may be able to do this with some .dll calls. Worm is the expert but...

    Here is a link to the common windows .dll calls.

    Specifically the SetWindowPos function in the User32.dll allows you to change the focus of a window.

    Here is a link to that specifically:

    Watch out cause the Syntax is real tricky on the DLL calls


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      Re: Window Focus


      Thankx so much for pointing me in the right direction. I think this stuff is a little over my head.

      Got 2 be a way to reset the kiosk to the language page....somehow.

      I tried Corey's flash timer but I have other flash running and it gave me an error msg. saying..."this will slow things down do u want to continue running this script"...or something like that.

      Thx again!


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        Re: Window Focus

        Here's an idea... I haven't tried this but it seems it would work.

        Basically you want to have the AMS app jump back to a Language settings page after a certain time period right?

        So create a silent MP3 that is the time period you want to allow the app to sit idle before it jumps back to the language page.

        Now on launch of your app you start the mp3. Every time an action is performed you would stop and restart the mp3.

        Now the trick is to then go to Project | MP3 player | At song End in AMS and set an action to jump to the Language settings page at the end of the song.

        So essentially the mp3 should never complete until the specified period of inactibity passes and when it does complete have it jump back to the Language page.


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          Re: Window Focus

          thx 4 the tip!!