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  • Error message boxes

    Am calling to 'OPEN' a Powewpoint presentation from a directory in my distribution folder on the CD.
    When I click my designated button, Powerpoint duely opens and starts the presentation ( from the CD, you can see reading taking place )...great I hear you say !!.
    When Powerpoint is closed...there is an error message box ontop of my menu telling me that the file could not be found at a location on the CD !!, yet I have just run it !!
    I have used this process many times before with success and now this problem has started...why ??
    Any ideas ??

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    Re: Error message boxes

    do u call for the powerpoint program itself?
    Then it is not found on CD.
    Use the PP viewer (site of MicroSoft).
    Even users without the #[email protected] PP or the right version of MS-Office can watch the show.
    (I'm glad I am one of them).

    programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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      Re: Error message boxes

      I am calling a Powerpoint presentation, like double clicking on the file from Explorer, not opening the program first than opening a file...

      Thanks for the help