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Multiple Video's on one page...same location, hidden

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  • Multiple Video's on one page...same location, hidden

    I am using Autoplay Menu Play Studio 4 and have a page setup, where I have text on the left, 5 or 6 links... that I want to play on click movies on the same page.

    Here's what I run into...

    I have all videos saved as identical size swf files.
    I add them to the page, and to the location where I want them to show up.
    When I setup button 1 to "on click play" movie.swf - it works
    When I do the same thing to the second movie, it doesnt work because it's not in the forground... or atleast I think thats why.

    Please, someone help me out with this.


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    Re: Multiple Video's on one page...same location, hidden

    Hi.... I was trying to figure out something similar and managed to bungle through this which works on my stuff....

    In the properties of the page, hide the media player (You will have to declare a video to be inserted at the beginning but what I ususally do is just have it automatically call up the first video, it won't affect anything as you will be replacing it every time anyway....)
    when clicking the text for video one have the system show media player, then load whatever video you want into it, then play it

    Repeat this for all the video files, you will be using the same media player for all files but when you load a new video into the media player the other files won't interfere....

    Hope it works, but more importantly I hope I explained what I did well enough to be understood....

    If you can read this, i have yet to write a witty and imaginative signature.... sorry...