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  • launching an email


    I've searched the forums to the best of my abilities and tried to pick up what I needed from help files, but no luck so far.

    Is there an action that will launch a new email message from whatever the default reader happens to be? If so, does anyone know the command line additions I would have to make in order to autofill in the To and Subject fields?

    Thanks for any help. I've noticed posters are very helpful on these forums.

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    Re: launching an email

    well, I've discovered that the mailto command works pretty well at popping up a new email window. Is this the best way to go about doing it?


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      Re: launching an email

      It works well for me. With the mailto command you can even fill in the subject and body if you want.

      The other way that is discussed on line is the PHP method. Don't get Corey started or he might convert you too.
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