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    I made a post a couple of weeks ago regarding Burning. I got the NTI 6.0 Platinum and got the same result. Which is, my browser, frameset.htm, videos and wav files dont play. I am very very frustrated. Upon trying to figure out what may be the problem I read this;

    (Your application has been built to the following folder:
    C:\My Documents\AutoPlay Media Studio Projects\test catalog\Distribution

    Build completed successfully.
    Running post-build step
    WARNING: Failed post-build step)

    at the bottum of my build process. Can you help me with this. Thanks For your help

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    Re: Building Project

    Just to be sure that everything is set up properly make sure that you:

    - Move all files that you are referencing to the Distribution folder before you reference them.
    - Only reference file that are in the Distribution folder (using the browse button).
    - Make sure that you burn the entire contents of you distribution folder.
    - DO NOT HARD CODE ANY PATHS IN (i.e. do not use C:\blah\blah.htm) or anything like that.
    - Make sure that you are using (current version)

    I am pretty sure that you have done all of this correctly. I just want to confirm these so that we can proceed from there.

    Please confirm that this is the way that you are setting up your project, then I will try and look deeper into your problem.


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      Re: Building Project

      Adam I have done everything just like I always have, nothing has changed and nothing hard coded.


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        Re: Building Project

        That error message means you have set something up to run after the build process.

        Choose Project > Settings, click on the Build tab, and see what you have in the Run after build option.

        As for stuff not playing, follow Adam's advice. Stuff can't play if it isn't there, or if the path to it is incorrect.
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]