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Interface biger than desktop res.

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  • Interface biger than desktop res.

    Right Im wishing to make a big size screen which will be much bigger that most user destop res but when I preview/build it there is no way of scrolling to view the screen thats not visible. Im making a interative interface that is huge so user can see much detail rather than having a small 800 x 600 interface.

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    Re: Interface biger than desktop res.

    You basically have 3 options:

    1. Build the interface in Flash to make it scrollable (I'm guessing this would be possible), embed that Flash in AutoPlay.

    2. Build the interface in DHTML and embed it in a Web Browser Object.

    3. Make a smaller interface. Or make two (or more) different sizes, and use the one that will fit the user's resolution.

    IMO, 1 and 2 would be a lot of extra work for nothing. I'd go with #3.

    No one likes to have to scroll to use an interface anyway.
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