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Page jump multiple times with different seek frame.

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  • Page jump multiple times with different seek frame.

    I'm getting further down the path that I am hoping will eventually work. BTW thanks for thte replies, much appreciated.

    I am posting a new question because I thinking I kind of went off on another tangent.

    I have the Flash start and menu text animation auto starting...........fine

    I click on menu items and the FSCommands jumps me to the page where the AVI is stored........that auto plays fine.

    On AVI video finish, I jump to a page with a copy of the the Flash animation and SEEK a specific frame............... this works well.

    The problem now is that I have 6 avi's each with 3 chapters. At present when the avi finishes I jump to a page with a seek on SHOW to the appropriate menu frame. If I continue this way I'll need a lot of pages and jumps.

    Is there a way to jump back to a single page where the Flash menu object is stored, multiple times. When the Flash animation is accessed it needs information telling it what frame to SEEK, depending on which video had just finished.

    Is this what variables are all about?
    I can't figure out when you are finishing a video (avi) and want to jump to another page,how to send information to that page telling it to SEEK a specific frame.

    Hope I'm making sense.
    grateful for any help

    P.S. There were suggestions to stack Flash and multiple avis on one page, but I read this can cause problems.
    Also someone suggested doing the video in Flash too and keeping it all Flash I haven't tried this but was thinking the video quality and scale may suffer.