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    When the CD is placed in the drive on initialize I want to check to see if the TSCC codec is already installed on the veiwers computer. If TRUE i want to continue and play the flash animation if FALSE i want the TSCC codec to install.

    I got to the stage where I had the TSCC install window appearing upon initialize and then installing and the rest worked O.K. Only if the CD has been played before and the TSCC codec alreeady installed it should bypass the install.

    tried a few things but can't seenm to get it to work.

    Be grateful for any feedback

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    Re: Check for codec

    Check for the file tsccvid.dll in the System folder.


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      Re: Check for codec

      I would think there would be a registry entry for it too.
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        Re: Check for codec

        Here's a thread on the Camtasia codec;o=&vc=1


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          Re: Check for codec

          Thanks everyone.
          I'd thought about converting the screen captures to Flash but have experiemented without success at inserting an FSCommand into the end of the video screen captures so that I can use that command to go back to the menu (flash).
          I couldn't think of a way of getting from a finished flash to the flash menu without using FSCommand.