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Verify Flash Player installed and correct version

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  • Verify Flash Player installed and correct version

    HI There
    New user here again! I am hoping there's an easier way to do this?

    I have a project almost complete. I want to verify that the user has Flash Player installed upon initialization and check the version number. If its not there or lower than version 6 I want to point them to the Macromedia web page to download the up to date player.

    I have done this by using a GET INFORMATION command which looks in a specific folder. If the file is not there it jumps to a page with a web object (Macromedia download). The only thing is I can't be sure the end user will have thier Flash Player installed in the same folder as me. I have tried search but don't want to search every time.

    Any ideas. I have browsed the forum and seen some that relate but I'm still wondering.

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    Re: Verify Flash Player installed and correct version

    I just found the knowledgebase article on How to install the Flash Player from CD Rom...........excellent. I'll go this route.
    Sorry to waste your time with this question.........forgot about the knowledge base.

    Great stuff........Geoff