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Sending a mail from am4 at runtime

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  • TJ_Tigger
    Re: Sending a mail from am4 at runtime

    I think what you will find is that there are a couple of ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. You can use the Mailto command in a File.Open action to forward the information from the edit.fields to you using the operators mail program (which may not always work). The other, as it sounds like you are doing, is using the Submit to Web funciton and have a PHP script on your site that receives the information and forwards it on to you. In either case, if you do a search on either mailto or PHP you will find a lot of information on how to accomplish this.

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  • Murdoch
    started a topic Sending a mail from am4 at runtime

    Sending a mail from am4 at runtime

    Can anyone help me, I have been trying to send a mail from am4 this is what I have. Three text boxes "name" " email address" and "feed back" I also have a send link.
    Now I can get the data that the user puts in the three boxes, but when I click on the send, it just errors, now all I get is ER!
    I maybe trying to hard but I can't see what is wrong. Can I send it to my email address or has it got to go to my web site. Because my website just forwards it to me anyway.
    DO I make any sense?
    I am using the “ internet submit toweb then the url
    Thanks before you answer.