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  • Opening a browser window-go to the web-Quick Questions

    I need the user to open the site, look around a little and then return to the project....not terminate.

    I can open a page with a web browser object and have the intended website fill up the page.

    I need the normal controls (back, forward, etc). Do I need to build buttons to do these or is there another, prebuilt way that I am missing? (Or maybe just open IExplorer in addition to the project?)

    Also, am I correct in my assumption that the Project settings control the workspace for all pages? It turns out the browser object window needs to be bigger than the other pages in my project and I have to zoom the entire project up to fit the browser...making the other pages partially empty.

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


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    Re: Opening a browser window-go to the web-Quick Questions

    Regarding normal web browser controls - they are supported, but you need to decide how to implement them. What images, text links, etc. you want to use - that's up to you.

    Yes, you may only have one screen resolution per project. There are ways to get around what you're talking about, and that's starting to get into some more involved programming. It will take multiple projects to pull it off, and probably some tech support if you are just beginning to use AMS, but it's certainly doable.
    Eric Darling
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