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Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

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  • Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

    I built a project using 11 AVI objects on individual pages. It ran perfectly.

    I went back tonite to try the project with mpeg1 files. I deleted the avi objects (leaving the individual pages) and started substituting mpeg-1 files using the media player object. I can insert 7 of the 11 mpegs and the build process works fine. When I add the 8th, the build process almost finishes...and says:
    Creating autorun
    Cleaning up temporary build files

    and then I get a Windows error:
    Program Error-ams40design.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows (2000). You will need to restart the pgm.

    I take the mpeg out and it builds perfectly. The mpeg1 in question plays perfectly in WMP9.

    I substuted another mpeg1 for that file and it still terminates at the end of the build.

    I deleted the underlying page...rebuilt it...reinstalled the MediaPlayerObject on that page (in addition to the different mpeg1) and AMS still terminates near the end of the build.

    I go back and delete the new page and the build completes correctly.

    I have done a cold power on and the same termination occurs.

    It also says that it is creating an error log file...but a search of the disk does not turn it up unfortunately. (Also I have 3.6 GB of free space on the disk when i run up against this. The mpeg1 files are also significantly smaller than the old avi files.)

    Any suggestions on what else I should try?


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    Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

    Forgot one thing....

    I can delete out all the mpegs/media player objects, reinsert avi objects, add back the avi files and the full project builds/runs it doesn't appear like the software installation has a problem. (Also, I have Win2kPro SP2/WMP9/Xeon1.7ghz/512mb installed-video edit wkstation)

    I need a suggestion on what to try next.


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      Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

      That's really odd. I've never encountered (or even heard of) anything like that before.

      How large are those files? What are their filenames? Is any other software running in the background when this happens? Does it happen if you build the project on a different computer?

      You should definitely email [email protected] with full details, so our support department can look into this for you.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

        I agree...I am going to get Norton Systemworks and run it on my machine and reinstall before I send this to support to make sure the the system is clean.

        Trying the project files on another machine is a great idea too.
        If the problem doesn't move, it would be a system pbm.



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          Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

          Before I ran the Win2000Pro cleanup I tried one more thing.

          My project was configured at a custom screen size of 900x700 and using the "Stretch to Page" feature to spread a jpeg over the page. I got to thinking that this was not one of the standard size selections and probably a road less tested.

          When I replace the background jpeg with a simple gradient, I didn't have anymore terminations during builds and I was able to completely finish the project without another problem.

          As a test, I made a new two page project (1st menu just opens the second page with a mediaplayer object on it). The project was setup the same way (900x700 & a stretched jpeg). First time I tried to build made AMS terminate. I rebuilt a second time and it didn't terminate. I will test a little more to see if I can get you a scenario that will be something less than a ghost for your software guys to look at.

          This is that kind of situation where there are so many permutations available that it would be impossible for a software company to find it.

          At any project is looking great now.

          Thanks for the assist!!



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            Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

            I just finished a project with 9 mpg1 and one .wav file. My page size is 1024 X 786 full screen. The graphics for the page are the same as the page size. It was working great then even if I just selected another page I would get the error message and AMS would terminate. Does it not like a file type I'm using (.tga) Now I must say this SUCKS BIG TIME. I have spent a month and a half and I can't make a master so I can collect my money. Also mine gets the windows error while processing the 8th .mpg file.

            Jim Haney


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              Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt


              Those are very unusual problems. We would be happy to look into the issue in-depth if you would like to email [email protected] with more details and your project file as well as the offending images and mpg files. If we can replicate the problem here, we will do out best to fix it.


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                Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

                One thing to try if these types of errors are occurring is to turn off the Live Preview in Edit -> Preferences -> Objects. This seems to be the root of some of the problems with large amounts (or large files) of video files.

                Just some support info for all of you folks.


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                  Re: Consistant AMS Termination on build attempt

                  Hi Jim,
                  The background image was the key to stopping the terminations for me.

                  In order to hit my client's first milestone (and progress payment), subbing the gradient background ended the preview terminations. That bought me some time...but you may not have that luxury.

                  I have tried a couple of times to just build a small test project with 9 mpg clips to get a consistant choke point to help the developers...but it comes and goes so far and I can't lock it down. Even with this detour, AMS handled the job fairly well compared to some other software I tried...we just need to get the preview termination bug found.

                  Please post back if turning off Live Preview solves your issue. I have to get the original backgrounds back into my project shortly.


                  PS-My client loved the way his vids came together with photos, pp slides and a whitepaper. He said it would be a perfect way to focus his target groups and bring them to their decision point. It is pleasant to see an excited and effusive customer ready to pay the invoice.