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Problems writing to the registry

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  • Problems writing to the registry


    I am using the software to an interface has a button that basically runs the following actions. It checks to see if a certain plugin is installed on the users system before launching a web page. If the plugin is not installed, it copies the file on to the users system. It runs into complications on IE. On certain versions of IE, registry changes need to be made. If the program is unable to write to the registry, it shows a custom error.

    In our testing we found that on different OS with IE 6.0 no updates, the program gives the error message. I have not been able to figure out why it gives the error because the exe is run with administrator privileges on NT like systems and I do not know why it gives the error on 98.

    Can anyway please help me? Does anyone know why the application is not allowed to access the registry.

    Thank you,