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thinking of buying but can this be done with program?

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  • thinking of buying but can this be done with program?

    hi all i'm thinking of buying this program main reason is i want to build a small jukebox program that can be changed at any time like the logo screen and text. I wasnt to have a picture of a juke box and have the mp3s i have on my hard drive be read by the program i want to be able to select the songs i want and put them in a quee and play as they are selected .. pretty much an interactive juke box for my pc. i downloaded the demo to see what its like but i cant make heads or tail with it if anyone has any info and can offer advice i would greatly appreciate it

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    Re: thinking of buying but can this be done with program?

    Yes that's very easy to do. It wouldn't make any sense to tell you how just yet because you aren't really used to the tool so the instructions would just obfuscate things further but I can say two things:

    1. You can easily learn enough about AMS in less than a week to do what you need if you are motivated.

    2. You can come back here as many times as you like to ask for help throughout all stages of your project and we will be happy to help.

    My best advice right now is to open the app and fool around a bit. Insert an image object, check out how it works. Assign a couple simple actions to it and try them out, see how it works. Within a couple hours of fooling around with AMS you will have some basic skills such as being able to insert objects and assign actions and then you can come back here and start in on your project step by step according to your new skills. This forum is well serviced and you should receive fairly prompt answers to your posts for the most part...

    Glad to meet you, we'd love to have you as a new user...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: thinking of buying but can this be done with program?

      There are also a number of very useful knowledgebase articles available at the bottom of the main index of the forums. We also offer fast free email support. You can email [email protected]

      We put a lot of effort into offering excellent support for all of our products before and after the sale.