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Continious play of MP3 in a ListBox

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  • Continious play of MP3 in a ListBox

    Hi to everyone. To site ADMIN - sorry for the previous nick.

    I've been making some kind of an MP3 player. The following has been done so far. There are three folders with MP3 files and three buttons for them. Clicking on a button we search *.mp3 in a particular folder and add filenames to a ListBox. When a song is selected, ListBox Object gets ItemData On Selection Changed and loads the song. Then we just need to press "Play".
    But this way I can listen just to one song from the list. What I'm trying to do (unsuccessfully so far) is to make ListBox Object getting ItemData of all selected Filenames (Select All ) with Index from 0 'till the last adding by one automatically, then load a new MP3 file and play it, i.e. I'd like to have all the files in the listbox played. ListBox may be different from the first one (even hidden).
    Well, that's shortly it. Will be thankfull for any help.
    P.S. I tried the variant with PlayList (edited for playing from CD directly) but it worked only with WinAmp installed (Media Player didn't open m3u list). In other words, I'd like to use built in global MP3 player only.

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    Re: Continious play of MP3 in a ListBox

    .m3u playlist is best but you can also do this by adding your file names to a global list and then using a media player object with a conditional statement (attached to On End Stream event) to run the MP3s in sequence. Like I say if it was me I would use an .m3u playlist in a media player object.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Continious play of MP3 in a ListBox

      Thanks for a hint. I forgot of a global list. Now I have a problem with three global lists: can't explain to global MP3 player (On Song End) which of three lists is being played right now to start the next song from this particular list. If there is any way to define and tell the program which global list is currently in use?
      Thanx in advance.