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    I'm about to start a new project and I've got a pretty relaxed deadline on it so I thought I'd try to do things differently. I'm looking to make it more animated and Flash-laden.
    I'm a relative newby to flash but from what I have seen it has the power to do most of the things I'd like it to do (generally act as a menu that either loads new screens or opens documents depending on which button is clicked).
    I was originally planning on just embedding flash objects within my AMS project, but started thinking that maybe just making it completely flash would do the job just as well.
    My question being, is there an advantage to using AMS as a conduit to display the flash menus or would i just be being redundant?

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    Re: A query

    Yes Flash is amazing and it's fun too, you'll love it once you start getting some experience, it's a truly awesome platform. Take it from me, I've been on Flash since version 2 and I can tell you that AutoPlay Media Studio is nothing short of truly incredible in the way it extends flash. I've been personally trying to drive Indigo Rose to market AMS specifically as a rapid application development front end for Macromedia Flash authors for a year or so now, so that's how strongly I feel about it.

    Anyhow Flash cannot do any of the things which you can do with actions, i.e. Flash has no Window's system functions other than a couple token things like exec, etc.

    That being said Flash does tons and tons of stuff AMS doesn't. They are completely complimentary in this regard, i.e. Flash can't do what AMS does and AMS can't do what Flash does but they both do great things and there is little or no overlap at all betwen what they can both do. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    As such, together they create an unbeatable powerhouse combination which can pretty much meet any need, in style.

    Anyhow read the intro to Flash on the Macromedia site and then read the intro to AMS on our site to get a better idea of how these two applications are different. The bottom line is that they aren't similar applications so it's just a matter of you trying them both out to get the best possible answer to your question.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software