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  • Contract help with a project


    I've been asked to work on a community project for an education training programme. Its a voluntary thing and I've commited to do it. It's a video training module for teaching purposes.
    I managed to put together a good cbt but I would like to add more functionality to it, by having a slightly better menu system.

    At the minute I only have links to the different videos, which play through the media player object. I would like to create a menu system that looks visually better, and one with correct select boxes when you finish a particular video so a child will know when they have completed a video.

    Any help would be appreciated, and I will make a donation to anybody that can help me. I can forward on the project that I have already completed if you wish.
    Also will the auotplay.exe work over the network to multi-users?

    Many Thanks,


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    Re: Contract help with a project

    I can't help you much on the menu issue. But if you place all of the build files in the network forlder and share it. It will work great.


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      Re: Contract help with a project

      Will it work for multiple users accessing the autorun file?


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        Re: Contract help with a project

        Thanks for the information, its appreciated, this board is so helpful.

        I know AutoPlay is easy to use, but I am finding it hard to build good looking menus for training. Anybody out there got any idea on how to help me build a half decent one?


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          Re: Contract help with a project

          My best advice is to get comfy with Photoshop and check out some layout lessons... We're planning on bringing in some cool training CDs over the next few months that might help too...

          It's also worth noting that we provide design services. I am the graphic designer here at IR, all the templates in the app were done by me and I love creating killer custom menus for people, with a specialty of mine being training modules... I'm also an Adobe certified Photoshop expert, so you have a guarantee of image quality when you hire us to do a design. Rates and details are available anytime at [email protected].

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software