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    I am using Autoplay 4 for the first time. I am trying to use the Dynamic Text Browser templete to present text. I was able to modify the side buttons and edit its corresponding text by using Image Object Properties. I also wanted to change the welcome text with my own text, but I can not find its properties. How can I replace with my own text?

    Secondly, I wanted to add another page to my main project, how can I link them together.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Modifying Templetes

    In the dynamic text browser template you can edit the initial display text under Page -> Properties -> Actions in the "On Show" event. Change the text in the first action. I suggest that you use a different template to start with as the dynamic text browser shows off some of the more advanced features of AutoPlay. Either way that is how you change the text.

    To add a second page to your application:

    1) Go to Page -> Add and select a page.
    2) In your original page you need to make a button that "jumps" to that new page.
    3) Create an Image/Text object and go to the actions tab
    4) Add a Page -> jump action and select the second page.
    5) Now do this with the second page as well if you want to have a button that jumps back to the first page.