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  • Help on Text Scroller

    Hello !

    I'm a new user of AutoPlay Media Studio. I was trying out the crom_Mp3 template. There is a Text Scroller on it & my plan was to scroll the song title or even the %FullPath% in that text Scroller. But ...

    I couldn't do it. I didn't find any variable to set the Scrolling Text Property. Same is the case with the New Blue MP3 player template available on Indigo's site.

    Please help me to solve this problem and learn more about this software.


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    Re: Help on Text Scroller

    To change the text in the scrolling text box of the Chrome MP3 player in AutoPlay media Studio 4.0 you go to Page -> Properties -> Actions -> "On Initialize" and edit the second action. If you want this to be updated when you load a song then you can probably put these actions in the actions dialog of the "Load" button. You will need to use the Flash Object -> Set Variable action that is on Page -> Properties -> Actions -> "On Show" event. Using these 2 actions you can dynamically change the text in that template.