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Windows 2000 "Run as" command option

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  • Windows 2000 "Run as" command option

    Good afternoon everyone..........

    I recently completed a project which allows our tech staff to install several different pieces of software (DeepFreeze, Anti Virus, etc....). Some of these pieces of software require that they are installed or run from the administrative profile or with administrative rights. Is their a way to get the software to call up the "run as" option if the current user does not have administrative rights. I can do this by exploring the cd and executing the file from the explorer window.....But it would be sweet to have the option come up at the click of the Install button for each piece of software which required admin rights.

    Thanks in advance for all you guys and gals do.......


    P.S. Corey.....How are things coming on the training cd's.....Can't wait.....OK....I can....but I don't want to. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Windows 2000 "Run as" command option

    I've done this successfully using a third-party utility called tqcRunAs. Microsoft's RunAs utility doesn't allow you to pass the password on the command line. Renders it useless for scripts. Nice design Microsoft! :mad:

    Attached is one example of how I used the utility.

    Hopefully, IR will add a RunAs feature in version 5 for certain actions or even as a global setting so all actions can use elevated privileges. I've already suggested it.