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The dreaded Submit to web PHP issue!

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  • The dreaded Submit to web PHP issue!

    I hate to bring this up again but…
    Here we have AMS’s version of a PHP Submit to web that “works guaranteed”
    This does nothing for me, it won’t even send back an email! Now there are those who will say that the server I’m using has got a problem, well I just spent $150.00 to find out that it has all the most up to date PHP programming available and yes it does work, I’ve had all kinds of emails sent back to me from my server using HTML forms, although nothing coming from AMS will post a message from a %variable%. Please, some one else give it a try. Here’s the PHP code that’s setting on my server,

    mail ("$to","$message", "$subject", "From: $from");

    If ya get an email and it's able to access the %variable% you choose, by all means, PLEASE let me know! If I can get this thing to work, I’ll post my $150.00 PHP script that allows your CD to access a MySQL server (that would be on your server) and check to see if anyone has already used it (the CD), and, if so, tell the end user forget it, for lack of better words.

    Back in this post:;Main=22198

    Aragonite had some dialogue regarding a work around for this issue but I’m not sure what he was using as a PHP code to make it work.

    Any ideas would be great!


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    Re: The dreaded Submit to web PHP issue!

    Here's the verson that aragonit sent along. Perhapes someone can get this to work?


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      Re: The dreaded Submit to web PHP issue!

      Hello everyone!
      I think I have this worked out thanks to a very persistent PHP geek friend I know and aragonite, one of our fellow contributors here on the forum. Keeping in mind I am not “all knowing” in the PHP and HTML arena, here is a work around for the “SubmitToWeb” Action that, for the life of me I can’t get to work. There may be other ways to go about this but none that anyone has shown me that will perform.

      The problem I continued to have was not receiving emails to confirm the coding was working. After weeks of head pounding, working with my web master and my friend, I found that my web master was heavily filtering my email for spam and other nastys which, stopped my test returns. So I got a Yahoo account which allows anything to come in! B.T.W. this was only in the test mode. So much for that problem.

      In regards to this work around and NOT to AMS’ “SubmitToWeb” (which I’ll touch on later) I was still not getting the return email I was hoping for. In the fifth line of the coding below (in red), it used to read like this:
      %youraction% =”

      The above address was apparently not calling out to the PHP on my server. So, this line was added to allow the work around to call out to the PHP file. %youraction%=;message=%Message%&amp;subj ect=%Subject%&amp;from=%From%

      %To% = EditFieldObject[txtTo].GetText
      %From% = EditFieldObject[txtFrom].GetText
      %Message% = EditFieldObject[txtMessage].GetText
      %Subject% = EditFieldObject[txtSubject].GetText
      %youraction% =
      ";message=%Message%&amp;subj ect=%Subject%&amp;from=%From%"
      TextFile.Write ("%tempDir%\process.html", " <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>ProcessMe</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY onload="document.r.submit();"> <F...")
      WebBrowserObject[WebBrowser1].NavigateTo ("%tempDir%\process.html")

      Now going back to AMS’ “SubmitToWeb”, I tried the approach above and started getting emails but I wasn’t getting the message that was being called out by text variables.

      I do want to mention that Corey did a great job in his example, although it didn’t work for me (see first post), it did work on the IndigoRose’s server…Go figure! I would like to hear from the Gods of ones and zeros here at IndigoRose on their thoughts in this matter.
      I really hope this helps anyone! I will be posting the PHP file that allows a CD to check to see if it has already been accessed by another computer in the very near future.
      The work around project is above...