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MPG playing problem

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  • MPG playing problem

    Hi e-body,

    I have a prooblem with APMS 4 here it follow:
    On a page I have Hot Spot Object.
    In the Hot Spot Object > On Mouse Click I have used command;

    Media Player Object > Play.

    The String to my HD where the .MPG file is placed look like this:


    In Preview, after clicking on the Hot Spot Object, I got error message telling tha the file could not be found at:


    I also tried the same with command:

    Media Player Object > Load, without success.

    After that I tried with another file this time an .AVI one.
    The String looked like here below:


    Even here I got the error message as on enclosed AVI_PlayError.pic.

    I did the same thing in APMS 3, and here it works very well.
    This makes that I am even more confused.
    I used the same command, file and string to play my .MPG file in APMS 3.

    I appreciate high any help, I am stuck with my project.

    Pawel C :confused:

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    Re: MPG playing problem

    Try putting it is %SrcDrv%\(filename goes here).mpg

    then have the video be in the distribution folder of your autoplay menu studio projects folder.