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    can a dialog box be told to close when a setup is done.
    I have noticed that because computers install at different speeds a timed dialog box is not always practical. can a "please wait while setup is busy" dialog box betold to close when the exe is done running?

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    Re: dialog box

    You can use the Busy Dialog and tell it to close when the installation is finished. The problem may be how to detect when the installation is finished. Depending on how your installation program wraps the files it will be installing you might be able to use the File.Execute option with the Wait command which will wait to continue the script unil the file has been run and closed. The problem with this command is that some installation programs will launch an initial file that will end quickly and then the real installation will start.

    You may also be able to searc for the window and if it is open then search again until it doesnt find it. Then you can continue and change your Dialog.Busy window to false.

    If you do a search I think there might be other suggestions on the board already about this subject.

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