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helpme with the tool tips (hiding) on a project

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  • helpme with the tool tips (hiding) on a project

    please if somebody helpme because Iam new on this, I try to edit one of the project (the blue ice software installer) who came with the software, but I cant edit the hotspot objet what its when you click on the menu of the left( install, user guide , menu , etc ) because when you click on Installer for example the auto menu show a tool tip who say "click on the start button to start the software installation process"
    How can edit this text , I can find where to edit all this tool tips. because only what I find it its the tool tip who show"Install software" and this I can change but the hidden I cant findit.
    please thanks for your repply

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    Re: helpme with the tool tips (hiding) on a project

    Look in the objects On Mouse Over Event. I bet you'll see what you're looking for.


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      Re: helpme with the tool tips (hiding) on a project

      The "Install Software" tooltip text will be found on the Attributes Tab when you double click on the object. The Mouse Over action is found on the Actions tab. Select the Actions Tab and then change the "Select an event to edit:" from On Mouse Click to On Mouse Over. There is additional text and actions for that event. I believe you will also want to check the On Mouse Leave as well.

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        Re: helpme with the tool tips (hiding) on a project

        Can I say something...?
        THANKS THANKS THANKS,,,, thats what I looking for... thats was my problem, I edit the text and put my own text, why cant see that option, because on the "select an event to edit" I see already "mouse over" but right know when I click on them, wwwooooouuuu its stay there the text to edit.

        thanks thanks thanks