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helpme please with insert avi file

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  • helpme please with insert avi file

    hello again, well Im finish my first project, but I start with other called "basic blue video trainer" who came with the program, well, I try to insert an avi file but when I tested the project and click to see the avi file, the program just only show on the window the "media logo player" and thats its.
    1.-can somebody tellme how do to put an avi file and run it?
    2.-if I put on different project or another project any "avi file" or one file like power point slide show or power point presentation ? ( like the template called "instaled software" ) and the program when you click can run it ?
    3.-where can I get more more free templates to modify and save to my own.
    thanks for your help

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    Re: helpme please with insert avi file

    Sounds like you're missing a codec for AVI...

    Try here: Divx Codec Download

    (just guessing from probability - it could be another codec)
    Eric Darling
    eThree Media


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      Re: helpme please with insert avi file

      eric , thanks, I try to download the codecs( I know my machine dont havit because when I try to see a movie on format divx I can see) but however still my question, does any have a links to get more templates to modify on the auto menu player, because I am a beginner and if I want to do something project (scratch project) I cant put all the comands to do it, but if I have one with full comands , just only modify to put my files and my pictures
      thanks for all