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  • HELP!!

    I purchased Autoplay Media Studio v4 to compile a Christmas present but, I'm having a bit of problem that I hope you people can help me with.

    I started with a "blank project" then added a custom user interface which consists of nothing more then a picture with several hidden "hotspots" which are associated with different files. The way it works is thus; As the user moves their cursor over and around the interface, if it happens to pass over one of the hidden "hotspots", the cursor changes from default to "magnify" and a "tooltip" describes what file the hidden hotspot is associated with. It's similiar to the way a URL with "alternate text" works but imagine no visable signs of a URL until the user is made aware of it by the "alternate text" as they pass the cursor over it.

    Here's the problem. One of the apps on the CD will have strict minimum system requirments which the host machine may or may not meet.

    The minimum system requirments are as follows:

    DirectX 8 or better.
    Pentium II 450 or AMD K6-3 500.
    64 MB RAM for 98 & ME (128 Recommended).
    128 MB RAM for XP (256 Recommended).
    Windows 3x, 95, NT4 and 2000 are not supported.
    Video Card (DirectX 8.1 compatible).
    300 MB Hard Drive Space.

    (NOTE: I cannot figure out how to make Autoplay scan the freespace on ALL partitions / drives. I do not know if Autoplay can detect a video card, let alone if it's DX compatible, nor do I know if it can detect the CPU class / manufacturer. As for detecting the RAM, OS / DX version, etc., I have found examples in this forum showing me how to do this).

    What I'd like Autoplay to also do is;

    Prior to the firing the main executable (i.e. setup.exe) which would normally fire when the user clicks one of the hidden "hotspots", I'd like a 3 button dialog box (yes, no, cancel) to open which informs the user of the minimum requirments of this particular application and ask them if they would like Autoplay to perform a preliminary scan to its installation on the host machine. (I can bring up a 3 button dialog box but, I have no idea how to link the following "actions" to the corresponding buttons)

    The dialog box should make known the following options and link them to the corresponding buttons;
    Clicking "Yes" will have Autoplay run the scan.
    Clicking "No" will bypass the scan, close the dialog box and fire the main executable.
    Clicking "Cancel" will close the dialog box and CANCEL the installation of that particular application.

    However, if the user happens to choose "Yes", that particular dialog box would be "killed" and another one would open in its place to inform the user of the on-going scan. (I'm not sure of the exact string but, I believe "yes" would be entered into "Actions" as "true" while the remaining two buttons [no & cancel] would be "false"???)

    If, upon finishing the scan, Autoplay determines that the host machine meets the system requirments, it would then "kill" the previous dialog box and automatically fire the main executable.

    However, if the system DOES NOT MEET the system requirments, due to insufficent RAM, freespace, etc., all of which Autoplay has NO control over. It should thennotify the user, of it's findings and, based on those findings, present the user with another dialog box saying: Click here (referring to the "Ok" button) to abort the installation.

    However, I will be including DX8 (DX81eng.exe) in the root of the "Distribution" folder (all other files have seperate folders). Thus, if Autoplay DOES NOT detect that DX8 has been previously installed, it should offer to install it and, upon reboot, automatically fire the executable in question.

    (NOTE: I have the script to load DX8 over an earlier version but, I have no idea how to make Autoplay automatically fire the said executable upon reboot. Nor have I seen a script telling one how this could be accomplished)

    That's about it. Not much really but all those dialog boxes along with the "if" and "end if" are giving me a headache. I'm not asking anyone to build this for me, just a little advice.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Re: HELP!!

    Hi, glad to meet you.

    Actually the manufacturer's properly licensed installer of whatever app you are distributing should do that on it's own... i.e. if you sign up to distribute the quicktime movie player they give you an .exe to hand out, if you run that .exe on a system which doesn't meet it's requirements it will inform the user and then abort, that's standard.

    If the software you are distributing is yours then all you need to do is set that up in whatever install maker software you use.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software