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AutoPlay Media Studio Now Available!

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  • AutoPlay Media Studio Now Available!

    AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 (version is now available. This is a free update for registered AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 users. To get this update, select Help | Check for Update from within the product. You can also download the update directly <a href="">here</a>.

    Here is a list of changes in this release:

    <h3>v4.0.0.2: September 23, 2002</h3>
    <h4>New Features:</h4><div class="padbottom"><ul>[*]Added many new examples to the help file.</li>[*]Now if you drag and drop a .url (Internet Shortcut) file onto the design enviornment, a Web Browser object will be created using the URL pointed to by the shortcut file.</li>[*]Converted the "..\Docs\COM Automation Reference.doc" from Microsoft Word format into HTML help. The reference is now located in the AMS40COM.chm file in your AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 folder.</li>[*]Made some Registry entries during installation that associate the AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 icon with ".pg4" (exported AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 page) files.</li>[*]Allowed users to use a blank as the default folder in the Dialog.FolderBrowse() action. This will cause the action to use the system's "current directory".</li>[*]Added French language support for runtime error messages. See the file French.xml in the "..\Data\Languages" folder.</li>[/list]
    <h4>Fixes:</h4><ul>[*]Fixed a bug where the Registry.DeleteValue() action was not being serialized properly and would cause the design environment to freeze at build-time.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the INIFile.Read() action did not serialize properly and would cause the design environment to freeze at build-time.</li>[*]Fixed the way the Dialog.GetProxySettings actions is displayed in action lists.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the MP3 player would somtimes skip the first second when playing very small MP3s.</li>[*]Fixed a grammatical error in the status bar text for the Import v3.0 Project menu option.</li>[*]Changed the Text on the Dialog.FolderBrowse actions properties dialog to read: 'Default folder' instead of 'Default directory'.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where having a Page.Hide action on the "on Stop" event of the Media Player Object would cause the runtime to crash.</li>[*]Fixed the Window.Find error message. The "Find Type" has been removed from the verbose error message.</li>[*]Fixed a bug in the Text of the Window.Move action's verbose error message.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where when the first object in a list box was selected, the SelectedCount property returned 0.</li>[/list]</div>