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  • AutoPlay Media Studio Released

    AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 (version is now available. This is a free update for registered AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 users. To get this update, select Help | Check for Update from within the product. You can also download the update directly <a href="">here</a>.

    Here is a list of changes in this release:
    <h3>v4.0.0.3: December 10, 2002</h3>
    <h4>New Features:</h4><div class="padbottom"><ul>[*]Enhanced the aspect ratio object resizing (Shift+resize) so that now you can see the tracking rectangle be constrained to the aspect ratio while it is happening instead of when you release the mouse button. Also, now you can start and stop maintaining the aspect ratio during a resize on-the-fly by holding and releasing the Shift key as desired.</li>[*]Added a feature where you can hold down the Shift key while moving an object and it will constrain the movement to the horizontal or vertical plane, depending upon which way you start moving.</li>[*]Made it so that if you can copy selected actions in an actions list to the clipboard as they appear on the screen by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C while viewing an actions list or choosing "Copy as Displayed" from the context menu. If no lines are highlighted, all of the actions are copied. Note that actions can be copied to the clipboard in this fashion, but not pasted back in when in displayed format.</li>[*]Made it so that any variables in an object's tooltip text are expanded at runtime. This means that if the tooltip text contains a variable, the variable will be expanded each time the page the object is on is loaded.</li>[*]Made it so that you do not have to enter a filename for the AVI object.</li>[*]Added a feature to the design environment that warns you if a project file that you are opening is read-only.</li>[*]Made it so that you can use the Registry.SetValue action to create a Registry value with an empty string as the value data.</li>[*]Added the variable %AbsSystemLanguage% which is the language ID for the user's system language. Unlike %SysLanguage%, this value will not change.</li>[*]Increased the speed at which the design environment moves multiple selected objects using the arrow keys on the keyboard.</li>[*]Added the ability to load a movie into a hidden AVI, Media Player and Flash objects. This will not start the movie or show the object, but it will set the movie file that will be played when the object is displayed.</li>[*]Made is so that the Page.ShowObject action waits (for a maximum of five seconds) for windowed objects to be created. This allows Page.ShowObject actions to be immediately followed by ???Object.Play actions.</li>[*]Made it so that the File.GetInformation action returns FALSE when checking for the existence of a file that does not exist.</li>[*]Made it so that all objects have their resize handles on the outside.</li>[*]Made is to that when creating a Zip archive, if the "Include Distribution Folder" checkbox is checked, and the distribution folder is located in your "main" project folder, the files added from the distribution folder will retain their relative paths in the Zip file.</li>[*]Made it so that the default "custom" size of a project can now be 0 x 0. Please note that this is not a recommended setting.</li>[*]Made it so that the MP3 Player waits a maximum of 5 seconds for an MP3 file to be loaded using an MP3.Load action. If this file is not loaded in 5 seconds the AutoPlay application will continue normally and will not throw and error.</li>[*]Made is to that pages were not drawn prior to the completion of their "On Initialize" event actions.</li>[*]Changed the default state of the "Allow change display size" to TRUE for Media Player objects.</li>[*]Added several new sections to the help file.</li>
    [*]Changed the default value of the "Default file extension" field, for the Dialog.FileBrowse action, to "exe" instead of "*.exe".</li>[/list]
    [*]Made it possible to print multiple topics from the help file at once. To do so, right-click on the section or "book" containing the topics that you want to print, and select "Print." In the dialog box that appears, choose the "Print the selected heading and all subtopics" option, and press OK.</li>[*]Fixed a bug in the INIFile.GetValue action where it would assign a variable's name back to the variable if the INI file existed but the section or value did not. Now it correctly leaves the variable's value as-is if the section or value can't be found.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the TextBoxObject.SetText action would fail if the TextBox Object were hidden when the action was fired.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where projects that were converted from AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0 did not have any Project events.</li>[*]Fixed the Tab order on the Window.Move action's Properties Dialog.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where Modify Registry actions were not being imported properly from AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0 projects.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where Modify INI File actions were not being imported properly from AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0 projects.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where if you confirmed that you wanted to overwrite a read-only project file it would not actually overwrite the file. Now it will properly overwrite the file.</li>[*]Fixed a bug that would occur if you opened a project file that referenced a language file that did not exist. The missing language file would incorrectly get added to the languages list 3 times and then the design environment could become unstable when you loaded a different project or quit AutoPlay Media Studio.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the cancel button on the Internet.DownloadWebFile action's dialog during runtime did not work.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where actions on the Web Browser object's "On Status Text Change" event would cause the runtime to crash on certain older operating systems.</li>[*]Fixed a bug in the Missing ActiveX dialog where it would not expand variables in the path to the Information/Download URL.</li>[*]Fixed a bug in the help file where some of the sample files were not properly downloadable.</li>[*]Fixed a problem where the tracking rectangles around objects would not redraw properly if another window was dragged over the design environment window.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where Project actions would sometimes not be erased properly when moving from one project to another project.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where resizing or moving objects with overlapping resize handles would make it difficult to grab the right one. Now the dominant selected object always has priority.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where settings on the Create ZIP Archive dialog were not being maintained properly if the browse buttons was selected.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the default filename was not being displayed properly in the Dialog.FileBrowse action.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the AVI object's "start automatically" option was not working when the AVIObject.Load action was used.</li>[*]Fixed the way certain objects that are inherited from parent pages are drawn.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where a MediaPlayerObject.GetProperty action would sometimes cause a runtime crash when used on the Project's "On Initialize" event.</li>[*]Fixed a problem were the build process would occasionally finish normally even if an error occurred.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the File.Copy action would show a strange error if the destination directory denied write access.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the FlashObject.GetVariable action would display a strange message box if the variable used in the action did not exist in the Flash movie.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where having a Page.HideObject action to hide a Media Player object on its "On Stop" event would cause a crash.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the text in a TextBox object did was not being displayed properly as a result of certain actions on the page's "On Initialize" event.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where certain videos running in a Media Player object would cause the runtime to draw improperly when the full screen option was set.</li>
    [*]Fixed a bug where certain actions would cause an error when fired on certain Web Browser Object events.</li>
    [*]Fixed a bug where the Mouse Click event of an AVI Object would be fired more then once causing unexpected results.</li>[/list]