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INFO: Using QuickTime Movies

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  • INFO: Using QuickTime Movies

    INFO: Using QuickTime Movies

    INFO: Using QuickTime Movies

    Document ID: IR04006
    The information in this article applies to:
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0
    • Apple QuickTime


    This article describes how QuickTime movies can be used from an AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 application.


    QuickTime is a popular video format developed by Apple Computer, Inc. AutoPlay Media Studio does not support embedded QuickTime movies like it does for MPEG, AVI and other video formats supported by the embedded Windows Media Player object. However, AutoPlay Media Studio can still work with QuickTime movies.

    Playing a QuickTime Movie

    To play a QuickTime movie from your AutoPlay Media Studio application, simply use the File - Open action with the path to your .mov file in the File to open field. This will open and play the movie in the user's QuickTime Player, assuming it is installed on the user's system.

    Detecting QuickTime Version

    Although AutoPlay Media Studio does not have a "built-in" way to detect whether or not the user has QuickTime installed on their system, it can be done with an extension DLL created by Indigo Rose Corporation. The DLL is called "QTVersion.dll". It is available for download along with a sample AutoPlay Media Studio project that uses it.

    Click here to download

    The QTVersion.dll file contains one function:

    LPCTSTR GetQTVersion()

    This function returns a string with the user's installed QuickTime version. It returns "0" if QuickTime is not installed or a 3 digit version number if it is installed such as "502" (QuickTime 5.0.2) or "600" (QuickTime 6.0.0). This DLL function actually goes through the QuickTime API to get this version number and is the most reliable method to do so.


    • See Command Reference | Actions | File | Open in the AutoPlay Media Studio help file
    • See for more information about QuickTime

    KEYWORDS: QuickTime, Apple, QTVersion.dll

    Last reviewed: September 25, 2002

    Copyright © 2002 Indigo Rose Corporation. All rights reserved.