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  • HOWTO: Send Email

    HOWTO: Send Email

    HOWTO: Send Email

    Document ID: IR04008
    The information in this article applies to:
    • AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0


    This article shows you how you can send an email message from an AutoPlay application created with AutoPlay Media Studio.


    The fastest and most reliable way to send an email message from your AutoPlay application is to use a File.Open action with "mailto:[email protected]" as the File to open field. This command will open the user's default email client and start a new email message to the named recipient. The user can then proceed to type in an email message. This method works the same way as doing a mailto: command in HTML.

    A more integrated, yet more complex way to send an email message through AutoPlay Media Studio is to create a page that has Edit Field objects on it to create a form the user can fill out. You could then attach actions to a Submit button that gather the values from the edit fields and use an Internet.SubmitToWeb action to submit the data to a script on your Web site. The script could then send the data to you via the server's email gateway. This method is very similar to creating a form in HTML and posting the message to a script.


    See the following topics in the AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 help file:

    • Command Reference | Actions | Internet | Submit to Web
    • Command Reference | Actions | File | Open

    KEYWORDS: email, mailto, File.Open, Internet.SubmitToWeb

    Last reviewed: September 27, 2002
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