HOWTO: Add password protection to your application

HOWTO: Add Password Protection to Your Application

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The information in this article applies to:
  • AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0


This article will describe how to add password protection to your Auto Play Media Studio 4.0 application.


Password protection can be accomplished in AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 by following the these steps:

  • Create a new Global List to hold your valid passwords.
  • Populate this newly created Global List with valid passwords.
  • Choose when you would like to ask the user for their password. If you want the user to enter a password in order to open your application then you will need to work in the Projects "On Initialize" event. If you only wish to have password protection on a single page then you will need to work in the pages "On Initialize" event.
  • Use a Dialog.GetInformation action in order to ask the user for their password. You can customize this dialog in order to make it look the way that you like.
  • Use a GlobalList.Find action to check and see if the password entered by the user matches one that exists in your Global List.
  • Use an IF statement in order to check and see if the GlobalList.Find action found the password that the user entered.
  • If the password was not found in the Global List then you will need to either show an appropriate message (using a Dialog.ShowMessageBox action), ask the user again (using a Control Structure.While action) or exit the application (using an Application.Exit action).
  • If the password was found in the Global List then you know that they entered a valid password and you can simply carry on with your menu.

There is a detailed example of this action script in the help file under Command Reference | Actions | Examples | Advanced | Verifying a Password


  • Command Reference | Actions | Examples |Advanced |Verifying a Password
  • Command Reference | Global Lists | Global Lists Dialog
  • Command Reference | Actions | Application | Exit
  • Command Reference | Actions | Dialog | Get Information
  • Command Reference | Actions | Dialog | Show Message Box
  • Command Reference | Actions | C/ntrol Structures | IF
  • Command Reference | Actions | Global List | Find

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