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Need ComboBox To Update Image Object

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  • Need ComboBox To Update Image Object

    Hi...I saw an example of the combo Box where apon selection it page jumped to what ever page was selected in the ComboBox...see below

    Page.Jump(ComboBox.GetItemText("Plugin1", ComboBox.GetSelected("Plugin1")));

    I have an image object on a page with a ComboBox and I need to update the image object with what ever slide is selected in the comboBox.

    How can I modify the above code to do what I need?

    My code on how the ComboBox gets populated is below (That was step 1)
    Plugin2 is the ComboBox


    --Populate a table with jpg files from the Image directory and count their numbers
    tbl_path = File.Find("AutoPlay\\Images\\PowerPoint\\", "*.jpg", false, false, nil, nil);
    img_nbr = Table.Count(tbl_path);
    Paragraph.SetText("output", "Now Showing Slide "..count.." of "..img_nbr);

    ComboBox.SetUpdate("Plugin2", false);
    for i = 1, img_nbr do
    ComboBox.AddItem ("Plugin2", "Slide "..i,"");
    ComboBox.SetUpdate("Plugin2", true);

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Try this

    Image.Load("Image1", tbl_path[ComboBox.GetSelected("Plugin1")]);

    This will load the image into an image object named Image1 from the table named tbl_path that was created using the File.Find command. The selected item from the combobox is used as the index number in the table.

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      need help can someone please help me..

      i need the same kind of help..
      accept i would like to know how to setup the whole thing..
      i would want to setup the dropdown list to change the image in a frame..
      an example on what i want to do exactly is:
      if someone can please help me... thank you
      e-mail [email protected]