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Problems installing certain software with AutoPlay

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  • Problems installing certain software with AutoPlay

    Hello all,

    Since I got such great help and response I thought I would try one more question (Hopefully) before I complete my project. Thanks to Intrigued I now have my project running almost perfectly.

    I am building a tech DVD that has all sorts of helpful software that I distribute annually. In this DVD are a few applications that are being difficult. If I browse to the DVD_Root and manually run the *.MSI or *.EXE file it works perfectly. But when I run a preview in Autoplay that points to that file.. it wont run. Does anybody know why I am having these problems? I thought I may need a command line agrument but when I did a search I didn't see any that really seem to address my problem.

    Here is the history:

    Thanks for everything,

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    Faulty Code below

    result = File.Run("AutoPlay\\Docs\\Windows Defender (Beta 2)\\WindowsDefender.msi", "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);

    As you can see I am simply trying to install Microsoft Windows Defender (Beta 2) that I downloaded from Microsoft's site. When I manually run it the application works fine. When AutoPlay tries to run it... nothing happens.




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      If I remember with msi files you will have more success if you use Shell.Execute instead of File.Run.

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        Tigger is right. Actually the best way is probably to use File.Open.


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          It worked!

          Thanks TJ_Tigger,

          That worked for all of them except one:

          I will attatch the file below. It is a self extracting (EXE) file that creates a Windows 98 SE Boot Disk. I had to rename it .Any idea why that one doesn't work? It is in a zipped format for uploading purposes.

          Thanks again for all your help,

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