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    Hi guys,

    I need some help!!!!!!

    I am working on a flash project, and I have three buttons that open three different flash projects.
    The problem is this: I want to eliminate the option for the user to execute more than one project at a time. The fs_commands that I give the flash projects work fine, just I can't figure out how to stop the user pressing more than one button at a time, or the same button multiple times.
    I used the command "File.IsInUse" but it didn't work.
    any ideas???
    Chance favors the prepared mind....

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    Presumably you are talking about buttons in the AMS project. If so then you could hide the appropriate buttons when one is clicked.

    Are you running your flash files independently of AMS? If not then in the past I have run flash and video on a separate page with nothing but a close button that jumps back to the menu page.

    Use each button on the menu page to set a variable which the flash page can use to load the flash file you want and then in the same button jump to the flash page.


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      flash project

      I am using buttons generated by flash. I imported a flash project and when pressing many times on the same button in a short period of time (2 seconds), then the program opens the selected program multiple times.
      Chance favors the prepared mind....


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        hmm .. this is maybe a long shot. I haven't got AMS installed here to test. i'm thinking maybe you could disable the button OnClick immediately after with
        WaitForReturn=true before enabling the button again.

        Just a thought
        = Derek
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          You could try something like this in each of your flash objects using Derek's idea -

          if (e_FSCommand == "whatever_fsCommand_you_are_sending") then
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash1", false);
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash2", false);
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash3", false);
          result = File.Run("AutoPlay\\Docs\\MyProg.exe", "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL, true);
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash1", true);
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash2", true);
          Flash.SetVisible("Flash3", true);
          If you don't need to test for multiple/specific fsCommands, then you don't need the if satement because any fsCommand from that object would then fire the event.

          If you have access to the fla's then you could also prevent this from happening by restricting the way in which your button sends the fsCommand.
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            Try this button out (had to zip it because swf file extension isn't allowed in uploads). It disappears for 5 seconds after you release it.

            In AMS flash settings un-check the default "Autostart" or it won't appear for 5 seconds.

            It only sends one fsCommand which is "fsrun".


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              helping me....

              thank you guys, the remarks were really good.
              Chance favors the prepared mind....