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WebBrowserObject GetProperty ("Title Text")

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  • WebBrowserObject GetProperty ("Title Text")

    AMS 5 is clearly a major overhaul of this RAD tool with numerous new features. To me, though, the new scripting language and plug-in capabilities alone are well worth the upgrade (for modular development).

    I can hardly wait for my registered pro download link to arrive...

    Now, my question. In AMS 4.x, the WebBrowserObject had a GetProperty function which returned three vital pieces of information ... "Title Text", "Status Text", and the progress info.

    I can't seem to find these items in 5.0. I'm sure they're here because this data is so crucial to any online browser implementation. Can someone help me? Where are the equivalents of these functions located in 5.0?

    I'd like to know before i code some cumbersome routine to download the page outside the browser ... reading the <TITLE> tag and displaying HTTP download progress. And, of course, this type of coding would engender a somewhat more sluggish browser to the end-user. And ... i have no idea how to get the "Status Text" from AMS code alone.

    Thanks for you help. Maybe others are having trouble finding this info too.

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    Hi, glad to hear you're enjoying 5.0! All that is still available plus more such as exciting stuff like Web.GetSize. That is the "Web" family of actions. So either look under "Web" in the actions Wizard actions list or check out PROGRAM REFERENCE > OBJECTS > WEB > ACTIONS in the help file...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Thanks Corey for your quick reply. Maybe these functions are missing from the trial version ... i'm waiting on a download link for the registered pro version.

      They're not in the pro 5.0 trial version help file either. Nonetheless, i tried Web.GetTitle, Web.GetTitleText, and so on.

      In addition to searching, i did look under PROGRAM REFERENCE > OBJECTS > WEB > ACTIONS.

      And ... yes, the large number of new functions was overwhelming at first. There are so many improvements, redesigns, and new features that this should be version 6.0 ... or, even a new product.


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        Ok maybe I made a mistake, I'm still getting up to speed on the difference between the Standard, Pro, and trial versions... I thought the pro trial had the same actions as the pro full version, I might be wrong...

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          No, the trial and commercial versions are identical in terms of actions.

          CyberRBT - We did remove a number of events from the Web browser object in an attempt to simplify using it. There were too many events before and we ourselves had a hard time keeping them straight. Perhaps we will consider putting some more actions it there in order to get that information.


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            That's a great idea Brett, these are popular actions.

            Corey Milner
            Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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              Corey & Brett:

              Thank you for your speedy replies. Your quick interest is of some consolation that these three properties were depricated in 5.0.

              Clearly, the two events for 5.0 Web objects is much easier to understand. I did code a routine to HTTP DL the page, get the <title> tag, and then strip any control chars (external white space, CR, LF, tab, etc.). This was the obvious one to implement directly in AMS.

              And, i suppose that i could start a progress animation in the "On Navigate" event, and then stop the animation in the "On Loaded" event -- not quite the same as detailed progress. But, that too, could be accomplished with the included HTTP DL function's callback routine.

              However, i have no idea how to extract "live status text" from a web page directly in AMS. Could you offer a tip for doing this ... or a code snippet?

              Thanks again ... AMS 5.0 Pro is a most excellent RAD tool (despite these three depricated web properties).

              Thank you.