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How to automate building many similar CD's

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  • How to automate building many similar CD's

    We would like to figure out how to create large numbers of similar CD's using a simple, automated process.

    We have built a simple MS5.0 autoplay CD design which includes one MPEG1 video, a title, and image, some text and a few data fields. This is the design that all our copies will use as a template.

    Here is the challenge; we need to build 100s of these a week, replacing the videos, image, text and data each time.

    I think of this requirement as something like a mail merge where you create a form letter and insert the client name while printing.

    I am the designer, but have a software developer who can help if I give them some direction.

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    What I would reccomend is that you make the template project so that all of the settings (Text, File Locations, etc.) are taken from an external INI file. Then you just build the project once and replace the video files and update the INI files with each project. Depending on the complexity of the project this approach seems like it would work.