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    Can I use "Application.RunScriptFile" to send a screen print to the printer?

    Why wouldn't that work? Of course, I've tried it and it doesn't work.

    I save a NotePad file as a .lua, using javascript "window.print" and call that file on mouse click.

    That really ought to work unless I don't have a clear understanding of the process. It works fine for the "Hello World" alert.

    What am I doing wrong? I've tried window.print(); - (window.print) - javascript(window.print); .... nothing.

    Any help?

  • #2
    You can't run javascript with Application.RunScriptFile.

    As it says in the help file:

    Executes the contents of an external script file (.lua).

    A script file is simply a text file containing AutoPlay script.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


    • #3
      You can execute Javascripts by putting a web browser object on you page, and then just navigate it to the URL:

      javascript: print();

      should work...

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


      • #4
        Hmmmm..... Would that print what was in the browser or can it be tricked to print a screen shot?


        • #5
          That would depend on your Javascript, I was merely pointing out they can be executed using a browser object. I have no experience taking screencaps dynamically...

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software