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  • F-Key

    Let's say I wanted to use our wonderful pop-up plug-in and have... help or hit the F1 key. How do I apply the F1 key to a help file or maybe exit?

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    This would be a nice feature if it's not available.

    However, I struggled for about 45 minutes before I could code together a button, 2 pages, and a list box to duplicate what you ask of the plugin. (two pages because I have two choices on the menu, only)

    But, it does work.

    I would rather use Brett's Popupmenu plugin.. it has the nice 3-D effect and way less coding!


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      Yep, bought it awhile back I love it! Just thought I could add to it. Thanks


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        Maybe I've misunderstood here but did you try this?

        with the keycode for F1 (112) as seen here:

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          After reading this thread's original post, I tried the e_Key '112' (F1 - ASCII code) and it did not work with regards to the Popupmenu plugin.

          However, I did accomplish such via using e_Key (112) with a ListBox object and was able to get such to work. Again, the ListBox did not look as good as Brett's Popupmenu plugin, in my opinion.

          Tip: I used the On Key event not for the ListBox but for the Page's On Key event where the ListBox object resides.

          Bruce, did you find a way yet?