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Hiding recourse files on CD

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  • Hiding recourse files on CD

    Is it possible to somehow prevent the redistribution of files used by AMS50 aplication on CD in Autoplay directory. AMS40 uses files that are unusable by any other aplication or person( in DATA folder by defoult)?

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    as far as i know, the only possibility to "hide" your files is under Publish Project > Compressed Executable as a single file.

    i also like the "old option" to hide file from we can use by V 4.0.
    Id dont understand why indigorose does not give us the possibilty to decide the "Autoplay system folders" by ourselfs ... without tweaking.
    Or to rename files for example by image objects in the file input feld.
    The only point i suppose is to decrease possible mistakes by beginners?


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      The files weren't "hidden" in any special way before...the file extensions were just replaced. So foo.txt became something like foo.aj2 or whatever.

      You can do the same thing yourself if you want, just rename your original source files.

      Anyone the least bit familiar with computers could get around this, though, so you aren't really protecting your files at all.

      If you want to really protect the files, store them in password-protected zip files, or best of all, use the Crypto plugin to blowfish encrypt them, and then decrypt them to a temporary location on the user's system at run time.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        this method, as far as i know (rename file) is wll known since V4.
        Its not the best way but usual, fast and simple

        But i dont see this option by grafics in V5 for example.
        am i right?


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          Thank you everybody, things are much more clearer now!